Explore the magical world of Bikkoland

4 min

Let us introduce the story of Bikkoland, the world of Albert Junior Mathematics.

Once upon a time there was an ancient math book. But this wasn’t just any type of math book. It was a magical book that would carry your child to a whole new world... The world of Bikkoland, where adventures and mysteries await.

World of Bikkoland

When entering the world of Bikkoland, the first thing your child will notice are all the colorful regions. In each region there are many mysteries to be unraveled. Your child will be challenged to complete all sorts of math exercises - plus and minus, multiplication and division, and even tables.

But watch out! The evil Dr. Infinite will do everything in his power to stop them on their adventure …

Make friends

Your child won’t be alone on their journey through Bikkoland or to defeat the evil Dr. Infinite. The people of Bikkoland can’t wait to become their friend! 

Say hi to Matchi, a curious type who likes things to be equal, and Addie who is very friendly and always in to grab an ice-cream or two. Together with many other friends your child will never be bored.

The evil Dr. Infinite 

Now it is time to start the adventure and to defeat the evil Dr. Infinite and his Warubikko gang.

Dr. Infinite wants to become the smartest being in all of Bikkoland. Together with his Warubikko gang he will make trouble to stop your child on their adventure. They will challenge your child in many tricky battles. Together with your kid’s new found Bikko friends it is up to them to defeat the Warubikko gang and Dr. Infinite!

Bikkoland holds many mysteries and challenges for your child to solve. Beat the Warubikko gang to head over to a new region and become the hero of the story! Will we see you in Bikkoland? 

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